Stacy Bennett

Stacy began her career as a marketing professional contributing to the development and implementation of national marketing and promotional campaigns for several Fortune 500 clients. Working in this environment helped to sharpen her skills when it came to the art of negotiation, listening to client’s needs, and working as a team to meet deadlines while exceeding her client’s expectations.

Over 10 years ago, Stacy decided to join The Insurance Exchange, the business her family started in 1985. Their independent insurance agency grew by gaining a reputation as a trusted resource and partner to small businesses, non-profits and individuals. In 2014, the agency was purchased by one of the largest family owned agencies in the northeast, Cross Financial Corp. All employees were retained, and now the agency benefits from added clout in the insurance marketplace with access to a large pool of insurance carriers.

The Insurance Exchange will partner with A-rated insurance carriers that offer comprehensive plans and competitive premiums in order to tailor an insurance plan that closely meets their client’s needs.


Stacy helps to protect the assets of some of the following types of clients:

  • Local or regional businesses who are unhappy with the service or premiums they are getting from their current agent, or, a new start up that is looking for Stacy to advise them on how to protect their assets.
  • Executive Directors of non-profit organizations who would like a second opinion on lowering their insurance costs in addition to making sure they have the proper coverage to protect their Board.
  • Risk managers working in higher education who are looking for the most comprehensive coverage at reduced premiums while insuring against any gaps in coverage, such as cyber liability insurance.
  • Consumers who want a second opinion on their personal lines insurance portfolio, such as: homeowners, automobile and umbrella insurance policies.